Trust Is In Our DNA

By participating voluntarily in several accreditation programs such as ANAB ISO/IEC 17025, AABB, College of American Pathologists (CAP), ISO9001 and so on, our laboratory proves reliability of the results.

Well, what else?

Accuracy is in our DNA!

By testing received samples by two different independent groups, our laboratory using Dual ProcessTM system proves accuracy of the results.

Privacy is in our DNA!

By giving a reference number consisting of numbers and letters to test participants, our laboratory provides the prevention of the result to be submitted to wrong individuals and by this way proves that we care privacy.

Speediness is in our DNA!

By submitting results in 3 workdays, our laboratory that understands the importance of test results for test participants and their families proves our speediness.

Experience is in our DNA!

By revealing even the most complicated biological relationships, our laboratory that hires personnel who had the best training in their field and the experience of the years proves our experience.

Modern technology is in our DNA!

By using the state of the art technology products such as Biomek FXp, Biomek 4000, GeneAmp PCR System 9700, ABI Prism Genetic Analyzer and so on, our laboratory proves that we keep pace with modern technology.

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