Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

DNA Hospital cares about the protection of your personal data. The protection of personal data has been adopted by DNA Hospital as the main objective. In this context, under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, maximum security of your personal data is shown. With this awareness, we place great importance on the privacy of our customers and on maintaining the best possible personal data for all of our customers. You can change your preference for storing and anonymizing your personal data at any time by informing laboratory.

DNA Hospital attaches importance to customer satisfaction and safety. Our customers application for testing service and/or information on our website can not be viewed by other internet users. Your information will be shared after we have anonymized the information we have provided to you by our domestic and foreign business partners for the testing service we are offering and the Turkish Personal Data Protection No. 6698.

Our partners will be announced on our website and your information will not be shared with other third parties. In keeping with the security of the information entered into website, we have aimed to take necessary precautions by keeping the DNA Hospital system and internet infrastructure at the most reliable level.

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