Sibling DNA Test

Sibling DNA test is a test to understand whether two individuals are biological siblings. Sibling DNA test is divided into two according to how many parents are in common. “Full sibling” results mean that tested individuals have both parents in common. On the contrary, if just one of the parents (just mother or just father) is common, it is called “half sibling”.

There are several tests according to sexes of tested individuals and with which parent their relationship is tested (with father or with mother).

STR test is the most general one among others. It does not cause to any restrictions about sexes. In other words, alleged siblings can be ‘two girls’, ‘two boys’ or ‘one girl and one boy’. Results are based on statistical siblingship index. If result is less than 1, participants of the test are not biological siblings. If result is greater than 1, result can be either ‘full sibling’ or ‘half sibling’.

Y STR (Y chromosometest can be used when both siblings are boys. A father, having XY chromosomes, inherits X chromosome to his daughter and Y chromosome to his son. Since Y chromosome does not change during its transfer, all men of the same family have same Y chromosome. Thus, to understand if alleged brothers have the same father, Y STR analysis can be performed.

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)test is a test to understand whether alleged siblings have the same biological mother independently from sexes of alleged siblings. The reason behind it is the fact that mtDNA of mother is inherited to either daughter or son without undergoing a change. Consequently, two sisters, two brothers or one sister and one brother have same mtDNA if they have same biological mother.

These tests are performed with mouth swab samples. Although they can also be performed with just samples of alleged siblings without samples of mother or father, it gives more significant results when samples of parents are also used.

DNA Hospital having principles of reliability, speediness and privacy submits results to only test participants having reference number in 5 workdays after receiving your samples. Before performing tests, it is necessary to take permissions of test participants and official parents of under 18 years-old children.


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