RESULTS IN 2 DAYS, DNA Maternity Test
RESULTS IN 2 DAYS, DNA Maternity Test

Maternity DNA Test

Maternity DNA test is a test to determine whether a woman is the biological mother. One of the strands of double-stranded DNA is inherited from mother whereas the other one is from father. For this reason, maternity DNA test is quite similar with paternity DNA test. Like other DNA tests, DNA profiling is required to perform this test. Thus, mouth swab samples are taken from alleged mother and child and their DNAs are isolated. Then, DNA profiling is performed and compared. According to match percentage, it is decided if alleged mother is the biological mother.  Although samples taken from alleged mother and child are enough for maternity test, sample can also be taken from father to increase the reliability of test result.

Why Is Maternity DNA Testing Done?

Maternity DNA test is mostly preferred by mothers who gave their children up for adoption and now wish to find them as well as adopted-children who wish to find their biological mother. Moreover, children might be mixed with children belonged to other parents after birth due to mistakes of hospital employees. In order to be sure that their children were not mixed in the hospital with other children, parents who do not want to live with doubt prefer to perform maternity test. In addition, usage of maternity test has currently increased with the rise of immigration.  To document biological relationship during citizenship applications, maternity DNA test is requested.

Maternity DNA Testing After IVF

Other usage area of maternity DNA test is in vitro fertilization. After mature eggs collected from mother are fertilized in the laboratory with sperms collected from father, fertilized eggs are implanted into uterus.   Since it is possible to face with problems of implanting wrong egg into uterus, parents having in vitro fertilization often prefer maternity DNA test.

When does the Maternity DNA Test Result?

Your needs are important to us! We, as DNA Hospital, care each test one by one thanks to our professional employees. Reliability, speediness and privacy are always in the foreground of us. We take permissions from test participants and official parents of under 18 years-old children. We use a personal reference number consisting of numbers and letters so that no one else except you can reach your test results. We submit your results in 2 workdays after receiving your mouth swab samples.