Avuncular (uncle-aunt) DNA test is a test that can be performed instead of paternity test when alleged father cannot participate in DNA test. Whereas DNA profiles of father and child are compared in paternity test, DNA profiles of biological brother or sister of alleged father (uncle or aunt) and child are compared in avuncular test.

DNA contains two strands. By inheriting one of each DNA strands of mother and father, child has two DNA strands at the end. Thus, in paternity test, it is possible to obtain information about the biological relationship by analyzing ‘how much of child’s DNA profile is matching with DNA profile of father’. Alleged father also inherits one of each DNA strands from his mother and his father. Since biological brother or sister of alleged father also has same mother and father, they have same DNA strands. For this reason, if alleged father cannot participate in test for any reason, DNA profile can be obtained from uncle or aunt with their mouth swab samples. By comparing DNA profile of child obtained from mouth swab sample of child, the information about biological relationship can be got. For this test, there is no obligation for taking sample from mother. However, if it is possible, in order to increase the reliability of test result, it is recommended to include mother to the test by taking sample from her.

In addition to this test performed with STR-markers, if the gender of the child is male, Y-chromosome test can also be performed between child and uncle. Y-chromosome test can be performed between only men. Having XX chromosome in women and XY chromosome in men is the reason. Mother can inherit only X chromosome to her child since she has just X chromosome. On the contrary, father has also the probability of transmitting Y chromosome in addition to X. If X is transmitted, since the child will have XX chromosome, it will be a girl. However, if Y chromosome is transmitted, child will be a boy since he will have XY chromosome. So, all males take Y chromosomes only from their fathers, and since Y chromosome does not undergo any change during inheritance to child, all men of the family having biological relationship have same Y chromosomes. Thus, by taking mouth swab samples from boy and uncle, Y-STR analysis; i.e. Y-chromosome test, can be performed.

After taking permissions of official parents of under 18 years-old children and test participants, mouth swab samples are delivered to laboratory. Just 5 workdays after receiving your mouth swab samples are enough to get test result. It is mandatory to use reference number consisting numbers and letters that was given to test participants at the beginning of process to be able to get test results. Otherwise, because it is against to our privacy policy, test results cannot be submitted to test participants or to official parents of under 18 years-old children. DNA Hospital has the only laboratory that you can trust about reliability, privacy and speediness!